In the last decade or so, Technology has had a huge influence on our lifestyle. On-the-go consumer media has become the new norm with earphones becoming the flag-bearers of this trend.  No matter which age bracket you fall under, owning a pair of good earphones has become a must for everyone.  


But when we talk of the Indian market, there’s an overabundance of options from both local and international brands providing fierce competition to one another. Given this, one can find an overwhelming number of choices to choose from that can be confusing.


To spare you from all the trouble, we have tested all these substantial options to find the best earphone under 1000rs. We can swear without a doubt that the Sony MDR EX-150AP tops the charts when providing an extremely well-balanced sound signature. Other offerings from Sennheiser and JBL also performed exceptionally well. So without wasting any more time, here’s our list and analysis.


A quick comparison between the best earphones 

ProductSony MDR EX-150APSennheiser CX-180 Street IIHouse of Marley Smile JamaicaJBL C200SI Deep BassRealme Buds 2
VerdictThe Perfect EarphoneApt for AudiophilesBest-looking onesDesigned for BassheadsBudget-kings
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So, let’s find out the Best Earphone under 1000rs…


Sony MDR EX-150AP



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When we speak of earphones from Sony, there’s truly something about them that none of the other brands can match. Whether it is sound balancing, distribution, build quality, or providing a firm fit, the Sony MDR-EX150AP just ticks every box.


The design of these headphones is striking with a chrome accent covering the buds and brand logo. Though the earphones are constructed out of plastic, they never feel cheap or flimsy. Instead, they are super lightweight and fit perfectly in your ears.


Coming to the sound quality, they offer an overall balanced audio signature with the bass-balancing being on point. Listening to your favorite vocals and classical is true bliss due to the dynamic frequency range. Also, it doesn’t allow any sound leak even at full volume. To sum it up, MDR-EX150AP offers everything you expect from an earphone in this price segment.


Things we love

  • Extremely well-balanced sound profile
  • Solid build quality
  • Tigh fit doesn’t allow any sound leak
  • Dynamic frequency range
  • Braided cable 
  • Available in multiple colors


Things we dislike

  • Plastic build may not please everyone.


Sennheiser CX-180 Street II



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Are you an audiophile who is very intricate about how their earphones sound?


In that case, the Sennheiser CX-180 II is probably your best pick. These earphones are easily the best sounding in the sub-1000Rs segment.


The sound they emit is exceptionally detailed and poised, with the bass coming from all the sides backed by clear vocals and treble control. The special pressure level (SPL) is maxed out at 110DB, which again is superb for an earphone in such a price range.


The design of CX-180 Street II is compact with an innovative figure-contoured housing that makes the putting on and off process much more manageable. The only downside that these earphones have is their average built quality and no in-built mic.


The cable is not braided which makes it is prone to tangling, and the plastic body of earphones doesn’t really satisfy you. However, according to the various customer reviews and feedbacks, the CX-180 will last you for a fairly long time.


Things we love

  • Unmatched sound quality
  • The fitting it provides is excellent
  • Has the signature Sennheiser balancing
  • SPL levels are fixed at 110db


Thing we dislike

  • Average built quality
  • No in-built mic or volume control buttons.


House of Marley Smile Jamaica



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The House of Marleys is a relatively new brand across the Indian, however, their latest offering Smile Jamaica is a beautiful pair of earphones. The most prominent feature in these earphones is their exquisite wooden built.


Their FSC certified wood used as the outer shell is super-premium when compared to some of the high end-earphones. The wooden frame is backed by a braided cable and colorful rubber tips. Smile Jamaica offers a very vibrant outlook unlike any other earphones on this list.


The sound output is also adequate, though you will certainly feel the bass overpowering the mids and lows in certain songs. Despite balancing issues, House of Marley Smile Jamaica offers good and punchy audio with minimum flaws.


If you are looking for a pair of earphones that are unique and make you stand out from the crowd, HoM Smile Jamaica is a match made in heaven for you.


Things we love

  • Quirky design
  • Premium wooden finish
  • Tangless cables 
  • Brilliant mic output
  • Offers deep and punchy bass


Things we dislike

  • Unbalanced sound profile
  • Vocals are slightly bloated and inaudible.


JBL C200SI Deep Bass



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Fan of that punchy overpowering bass? JBL C200SI is specifically designed for all the bass heads out there. This earphone is constructed out of plastic that may feel too light initially, but JBL has built this earphone solidly.


With minimal design-footprint, the ear tips easily fit in your ear canals, and they can easily give 6 to 7 hours of comfortable listening. The quick-access buttons let you control the volume of the media you are playing and you can even launch google assistant with it.


JBL’s signature sound backs C200SI, which is overpowered bass and crystal clear vocals. The bass it produces packs enough punch to satisfy any EDM-lover. But one thing to note that this bass will continuously interfere with the vocals. To avoid this, you can pimp the sound signature according to your preference.


Things we love

  • Excellent bass production
  • Handy media control buttons
  • Offers JBL’s signature sound profile
  • Ergonomic design lets you have long-listening sessions


Things we dislike

  • Bass will interfere with vocals
  • The wire is tangly.


Realme Buds 2



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Coming towards the best budget option, Realme Buds 2 provides some amazing features at a much lower price tag. These earphones have magnetic ends that let you play&pause media with a simple action.


This magnetic feature also keeps your headphones untangled when kept idle. Other than that, Buds 2 offers a good sound signature with decent bass and treble. Mids and lows are audible, and these earphones can also get decently loud.


The yellow-wire is semi-braided, which means it doesn’t get tangled easily. The outer shell of earphones is made from metal, and it is solid enough to withstand light, beating that our earplugs usually suffer. Overall, if you are restricted by budget but don’t want to compromise on quality and features, Realme Buds 2 will be perfect for you.


Important Factors to Consider before Buying Earphones for yourself


Sound Profile


Each headphone is equipped with a unique sound signature. These signatures can be influenced by either the brand’s history or the body of the earphone. If you like listening to a lot of EDM and Techno music, then an earphone that produces a lot of bass would suit your preference.


Whereas, if you are someone who admires country music that is filled with a lot of vocals and acoustics, then earphone’s with a balanced-audio output will be perfect for you.


Comfort & Fit


Two areas are where most people focus on when looking for a pair of earphones are good comfort and sturdy fit. Many users will wear a single pair of earphone for multiple hours every single day, so they have to be comfortable and convenient


Style and Outlook


Many people will also pay a lot of attention to style. Different color variants, chrome finishing, and braided cables are some ways to add an essence of style to your earphones. However, In many cases, earphones that do not look good simply do not sell as well as their sleek-looking counterparts.

Frequency Response 


Measured in hertz (Hz), this refers to the range of audio frequencies the earbuds can repeat. Knowing the frequency response of a headphone can help you choose the right device if you wish to listen to a particular type of music. For example, if you like to hear music with lots of bass, then you should look for earphones with low bass frequency.


Noise Cancellation 


Unlike sound isolating earbuds that separate music from background sound, noise cancellation earbuds work to block any kind of noise in your surroundings. They are often very powerful, and can even let you sleep through noisy surroundings.



So based on our testing, these earphones came out on the top of our list. 


The Sony MDR EX-150AP was truly the undisputed champion of the lot, offering an impeccable sound signature and build. Sennheiser CX-180 Street II offered the best audio output but lacked the finishing touch required off from a premium earphone. While the HoM Smile Jamaica managed to carve a niche with their wooden finishing. The Realme Buds 2 is crowned as the budget-king while JBL C200SI offers lots of punchy basses.


Each of these earphones offered something unique, whether it is that punchy bass or providing every worth for the buck. We hope that our list helps you get your Best Earphone under 1000rs.

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