The kitchen has by far been one place where technology hasn’t really been that revolutionary. Our daily tasks like chopping vegetables and kneading atta are done in the same manner as our ancestors used to do it. Moreover, these small tasks are both times consuming and tiresome. 


If you want to get rid of doing these chores daily, then investing in a good food processor might be the perfect choice for you. These super-gadgets are capable of doing painstaking tasks like kneading, chopping, grinding, mixing, and even pureeing with one simple click. 


Being the experts, we did the research and tested the top options available. And from the results, the Morphy Richard Icon was the clear winner, and it is the best Indian food processor you can get at the moment. However, other options mentioned below are equally good and worth considering. So without further ado, let’s get started.


Best Indian Food Processor – Quick Comparison

ProductMorphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-WPhillip Daily Mini Food ProcessorInalsa Fiesta-650W Food ProcessorBosch Lifestyle MCM3501M 800WRico All-in-One Food Processor
VerdictThe perfect pickCompact and LightweightOffers a lot of FlexibilityPremium and PerfectThe Budget King
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Detailed Look at The Best Indian Food Processors

Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-W



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Morphy Richards is known for providing top-notch quality in their products, and this Icon 1000-W food processor is no exception to that. Backed by a powerful 1000 watts motor, this machine is capable of delivering 16 kinds of different functions, which is crazy when we compare it to some other food processors in this price range.


It is equipped with six types of blades, with each one serving its unique purpose. On top of that, seven jars that come bundled with it gives you plenty of flexibility to decide your ideal preference. As the name suggests, the build quality of this food processor is superb. The metal is hefty, and the golden framing on the front panel looks exquisite.


The performance of Morphy Richards Icon is excellent, to say the least. Either it is chopping, grinding, blending, kneading, or even slicing, this processor aces every task you throw at it, and that too with minimal fuss and noise. To sum it up, if you are looking for the very best Indian food processor, then we would recommend the Morphy Richards Icon Superb 1000-W.



  • The 1000-W motor provides excellent performance
  • It is equipped with six different blades
  • Superior build quality
  • It serves 16 different functions
  • Seven different jars come with this processor.



  • Speed control knob is quite flimsy.


Phillip Daily Mini Food Processor



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Short on space? Philip Daily Mini Food Processor can practically fit anywhere in your kitchen. Its compact size and excellent performance make it one of the top bets in terms of the best Indian food processor in the Indian market. 


Despite its minimal form factor, this food processor from Philips packs a 650-W motor which can produce 21000rpm at max. It operates at 50 to 60Ghz frequency and has a noiseless operation. Moving towards its performance, this mini food processor delivers almost everything you throw at it. The stainless disc is efficient enough to chop and blend through anything you throw inside.


The matte black color looks lovely as well. Although scratches and dents look pretty evident on its body. That said, even with its exceptional performance, this mini processor lacks the variety of a full-scale food processor. If you are willing to trade flexibility for a smaller and compact form factor, then Philip Daily Mini is the Best Indian Food Processor that is perfect for you.



  • Compact and lightweight
  • The 650-W motor is very powerful
  • Unique emulsifying tool for eggs
  • Matte black color looks stunning
  • The stainless steel blade disc works fine.



  • Prone to scratches and dents
  • Lacks flexibility and variety.


Inalsa Fiesta-650W Food Processor



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Inalsa is an international home appliance brand that offers a wide variety of wonderful kitchen instruments. Its 650-W Food Processor is its latest offering, and it has already gained a perfect word of mouth from its users in the Indian market.


Starting from its build, it is constructed out of solid plastic. The plain white plastic looks decent. However, it is prone to getting dirty pretty easily. The same goes for the jars that come with it. The handles and the lid are rigid, but it doesn’t provide a lot of confidence while you are holding them upright.


The performance of this food processor, however, is marvelous, Despite its meager price tag, this thing performs like an absolute beast due to its 650-W copper motor. You also get a  variety of attachments that come bundled with it. With decent quality and superior performance, Inalsa Fiesta is one of the top-rated food processors on Amazon currently. 



  • The blades are of superior quality
  • Offers precise dicing and slicing 
  • Comes bundled with many additional attachments
  • No complaints on the performance side of things
  • Affordable and easily available



  • The quality is decent at best
  • White color invites a lot of dust.


Bosch Lifestyle MCM3501M 800W



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Quality and Excellence. These two words perfectly sum up this food processor from Bosch. The 800-W motor inside this food processor has a lot of precision and control, which lets you have total control over the slicing and chopping that happens inside it.


The metal built of this processor is top-notch as subtle detailing is pretty evident on the body and glass jars that come with it. On top of that, the chrome accent around the body and control nob adds a lot of heft to its structure. The same goes for performance. It has zero operation noise due to its anti-shock polycarbonate body. And no mess is spilled out even when the processor is operating at its highest speed.


Bosch Lifestyle offers more than 50 functions, including grating, cutting, grinding, chopping, and even dough making. All the additional equipment like jars, blades, and discs that comes with it are of superior quality as well. The only feasible drawback here is its relatively high price tag. But if budget is not your issue, then Bosh Lifestyle MCM3501M is one of the best Indian food processors out there. 



  • Best in terms of build quality
  • Has noiseless operation
  • Capable of performing more than 50 functions
  • Fine-detailing on the body
  • Allows precise control over cutting speed



  • Slightly expensive
  • The unit itself is quite heavy.


Rico All-in-One Food Processor



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Rico All-in-one food processor helps you in intricate tasks like kneading atta, chopping, and even making delicious smoothies. With a relatively lightweight body and minimal footprint, this processor is pretty easy to carry-and-fit anywhere in your kitchen.


You don’t get many bundled accessories with it though, only some basic metal and plastic blades. But this food processor isn’t meant to be heavy-duty. It 400-W is good enough to get you through some basic tasks, but if you compare it with other processors, it certainly lacks a punch. There is also a 2-Speed setting option here, to maximize the results while producing whipped creams and mixtures.


However, due to its low price tag, this is one of the most affordable food processors on sale on our list. For bachelors and people who move around a lot and have a shortage of space, the Rico All-in-one Food Processor is the perfect pick for you. 



  • Extremely lightweight 
  • The 400-W motor works fine
  • The blades are sharp and precise
  • Has a 2-speed setting
  • Most affordable Food Processor



  • Lacks a punch
  • No additional jars are provided with it.


Things to Consider in the Best Indian Food Processor



Usually, some basic tasks, like cutting or chopping, don’t require too much power. However, certain functions like kneading or even dough mixing will demand a lot more force. For starters, try going with a food processor that has more than 500-W of output. This way, you can be sure of the power you will be getting under the hood is sufficient for all the necessary tasks.


A food processor usually comes with a lot of different types of blades. And all of these blades serve to their unique purpose. Some of them are used for chopping, while some are specifically used for grinding or pureeing. Different manufacturers provide a unique set of blades, so it is advised to check which blades do you require and are they coming bundled with the food processor.

Another thing to note here is that the material of the blades must be stainless steel. Steel blades last much longer and offer a lot of precision than any other type of blades. 


Functions and Features

Different food processors offer a different set of features and functions. Different speed settings, noise-less operations, and spill-proof designs are some of them. So look out for which feature would be more suitable for you. 

Also, food processors are equipped with various blades, disks, and attachments. Before you make your selection, make sure that these things are included or at least that they can be bought separately after the purchase. You don’t want to find out later that your Food Processor cannot perform some of your favorite jobs.


Body & Stability

When grinding or mixing, some heavy loads can cause strong vibrations which make the whole food processor destabilized. So, stability is an essential factor when it comes to any Food Processor. You should choose the one that has a solid-built body and broader base. Wide bases will support stability and prevent the Food Processor from moving or dancing on your kitchen counter.



The uses for food processors are immense, and these wonderful gadgets are capable of making our lives much more comfortable and joyous. Yes, there is that long going debate of food processor vs blender, but in our honest opinion, a food processor, blenders and even juicers are completely different things. 

The ones mentioned above are the best Indian food processor you can get for yourself. Depending on your budget and preference, pick one up from Amazon, before they run out of stock!




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