Your precious little child deserves a precious little kids electric scooter to play with. As a parent, it’s very important to introduce kids to devices that are safe, informative, and help them grow in the right direction. A kids electric scooter is both an intuitive gadget and a dependable ride for kids. They are perfect for kids’ indoor activities, exercise, and come in handy when kids go back to school. So if you’re looking to buy kids 2 wheel kids electric scooter or 3 wheel electric scooter, you’ve come to the right place.

We know how important things like safety and durability are for kids. That’s why we have scoured through the nook and corner of the internet and have zeroed in on the best kids electric scooters in India. These are safe, dependable, and durable gadgets that will help your kid have a great time. Our best pick is the Toyhouse Vespa Rechargeable Battery Operated Ride-on Scooter for kids. It’s a premium kids play product that checks all the boxes. It is durable, it is sturdy and thanks to a fully charged battery, it will let kids play for 1 full hour. It’s a Vespa product so you get the peace of mind as well. 

But we understand not everyone’s looking for the same option so we have curated this list keeping all kinds of selling points in mind. From battery capacity to affordability, the list is flexible to the T. So it’s time to let your kids play to their hearts’ content!


Quick Comparison of the 6 Best Kids Electric Scooters in India

ProductToyhouse Vespa Rechargeable BatteryLittle Chime Baby Scooter Battery Operated Ride on BikeToyhouse Valentina Racer BikeToyhouse Kitty Scooty Ride on BikeSRECAP Little Chime Baby ScooterR For Rabbit Apollo Electric Bike for Kids
VerdictOverall BestBest DesignDurableSpeedy PerformerColourful OptionsBattery Champ
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Best Pick

Toyhouse Vespa Rechargeable Battery Operated Ride-on Scooter for Kids(3 to 7yrs)

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Our top choice is the Toyhouse Vespa Rechargeable Battery Operated Ride-on Scooter for kids. It’s one of the best kids electric scooters that you can find in India. Suitable for kids between the age of 3 to 7 years, this is a premium item that you must check out. It has a maximum capacity of 40 kgs. 

It offers a playing time of 1 hour after a full recharge. Aided with a BIS certification, this 2 wheel scooter is made of durable and sturdy materials, so it’s completely safe for your kids. This one is easy to assemble, and kids can ride it over any smooth surface. 

For kids’ indoor activities and outdoor exercises, this scooter can be a perfect pick. Equipped with a headlight, taillight, and startling effects, this Toyhouse product is sure to be a favourite toy of your child.

Thanks to the MP3 music input, supported by USB/SD cards it has provisions for playing music. The beautiful digital power display and horns are other additions that make this kids play scooter stand out from the rest. 

Pros & Cons



  • Easy to assemble 
  • MP3 music input 
  • BIS certification 
  • Prone to breakage 


Best Design

Little Chime Baby Scooter Battery Operated Ride on Bike with Music and Light

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The second product on our list is the Little Chime Baby Scooter. If you’re looking for kids 3 wheel electric scooter, this can be a good choice. The product matches European safety standards, so you can purchase it for your kids without any hesitation. 

It comes with a powerful 6V rechargeable battery that offers a continuous riding time up to 1 hour. Suitable for 2-5-year-olds, the kids play bike holds a capacity of up to 30 kgs. Sturdy and easy to operate, your child can operate the kids electric scooter with ease. 

To make the ride more entertaining, the scooter comes with lights and a music system. The beautiful design captures the built of real scooters, and the vibrant colour makes it an attractive toy for children. However, the product is a little on the expensive side.  

Pros & Cons



  • Easy to operate 
  • Light & music system 
  • Attractive design 
  • Price is Higher    


Most Durable

Toyhouse Valentina Racer Bike Rechargeable Battery Operated Ride-on for Kids

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On number 3, we have the Toyhouse Valentina Racer Bike. It boasts a powerful design, replicating the visual appeal of real motorbikes. With BIS and EN71 certification, this kids scooter is safe and sturdy to be an ideal playmate for your little one. 

The kids play bike is easy to operate, as it starts and halts with a single button. The accelerator and brakes are convenient to use. Your child can enjoy a ride all by themselves, under the supervision of an adult. It is suitable for children of the age group between 2 to 6 years. The USB music player adds to its charm. It also comes with LED lights and sound effects that make the model even more interesting. 

Made for indoors as well as outdoors, you kids can ride this bike wherever they want. Any smooth surface can serve as the ideal trail for your child’s ride. 

Overall a good purchase, the only downside of this kids electric scooter is its hefty price tag. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Single-button start and stop operation 
  • LED lights and music player 
  • Powerful design
  •      Price is higher than usual



Toyhouse Kitty Scooty Ride on Bike 

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The Kitty Scooty Ride-on Bike from Toyhouse is another 3 wheel electric scooter on our list. Designed for 2 to 4-year-olds, this kids electric scooter offers easy operation. It can endure up to 20 kgs of weight. It is not only a fun ride for your child, but it also abides by the necessary safety standards levied by BIS. 

After full recharge, the kids play bike can run for up to 90 minutes. It offers a speed of 2.5 km/hour. The start button leads to an exciting sound, and the in-built music system is another great addition to the model. 

Your kids can ride this bike on any smooth surface, be it indoors, or in places like playgrounds and parks. The adorable design and pretty colours make it an amazing kids play bike. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Adorable design 
  • Battery backup of 1.5 hours    
  • Good speed 
  • Quality could have been better

Colourful Options 

SRECAP Little Chime Baby Scooter Battery Operated Ride on Bike

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On number 5, let’s take a look at the SRECAP Little Chime Baby Scooter. Designed keeping in mind the European safety standards, this kids 3 wheel electric scooter operates on a powerful 6V rechargeable battery. It requires around 6-7 hours to recharge, and your tiny tot can ride it for 1 hour straight. 

With a capacity of 30 kgs, this one is suitable for 2-5-year-old kids. You can assemble the ride all by yourself, and it’s very easy to operate for children. 

The kids play bike is available in a variety of vibrant colours, including pink, blue, red and green, so you can pick the one that your kid loves. Thanks to the music system and lights, riding the kids play scooter becomes all the more fun. The product comes with a one-month warranty applicable to the battery and the motor. 

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • Available in beautiful colours 
  • Easy to operate 
  • Safe to use 
  •    Not a very sturdy build


Battery Performance

R For Rabbit Apollo Electric Bike for Kids

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Last but not least, the sixth position goes to the Apollo Electric Bike for Kids, from the house of R for Rabbit. The spaceship-like design of this scooter makes it a popular choice among kids. This one is designed for kids belonging to the age group of 2-5 years, with a capacity of up to 25 kgs. 

The kids play bike ticks off all the European safety standards in terms of sturdiness. It runs on a 6V 4.5 Amp rechargeable battery, and after a full recharge, your child can use it for two hours at a stretch. 

Owing to the plug and play system, it becomes easy for you to let your kids play on their own with this electric bike. The forward and backward movements are impeccable, accessible by a single button. 

The music system, along with the horn makes the product more enjoyable for children. The design resembles that of a real, premium bike, which is definitely a boon. 

Pros & Cons



  • Great battery backup 
  • Single-button performance 
  • Unique spaceship design
  •     Not very durable


Things To Consider Before Buying Kids Electric Scooter In India


When it comes to buying kids electric scooters in India, you have to remember a few small but important factors. These will influence your buying behaviour and by keeping these in mind, you will be able to find the exact product for your kid.


Gadgets that kids play with are meant to entertain and help them grow. But they have to be very safe for kids as well. Small kids tend to swallow small pieces so the kids electric scooter must not have any small parts that can be detached from the body. On top of that, the scooter itself should be safe enough for riding. Children aren’t the savviest riders in the world so the brakes and handles need to be top-notch to prevent any accident.


We are all aware of how kids play right? They tend to throw stuff around all the time. So the scooter needs to be strong enough to withstand rough usage. Each scooter comes with a range of suitable age. That can help you to decide which one should be able to weather a kid’s whims for a considerable amount of time. A reliable and durable kids electric scooter goes a long way for your kid to enjoy a great time. 

Battery Capacity

Since we are talking about kids electric scooters, the battery capacity becomes an important factor. Most good quality kids electric scooters ship batteries that can last around 1 hour of continuous riding time. This is a great benchmark and you should look for scooters that give you uninterrupted service close to that. 


Most of these kids electric scooters or electric bikes are designed for kids. So the usability factor becomes very important. The more simple to use the better. Many kids play scooters come with different audio-visual systems to entertain kids but that shouldn’t complicate the system itself. When we’re talking about kids, an easy to use kids electric scooter is the only way to move forward. 


The kids play items listed here target different price points. More premium kids electric scooters tend to offer more functionality and reliability. The affordable options attempt to provide a solid experience without breaking the bank. So it boils down to your personal choice.


So there you have it! A comprehensive guide that tells you everything you need to know about the best kids electric scooters in India. So what are you waiting for? Check them out, take your pick and gift your child an awesome kids play scooter. 


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