Smartphone manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of technology every day. And the vision of packing the capabilities of a full-fledged camera in your smartphone is not far away. Today, Smartphones are capable of capturing some amazing details due to the advanced sensors and a variety of lenses. However, this also creates a flux in the customer’s mind.


To choose one camera-king in the current market space is kind of an intricate task due to the neck-to-neck competitions between various brands. But iPhone 11 Pro clearly has the edge over its competitors, both in terms of hardware and performance. And it is indeed the best smartphones with camera.


However, we have also shortlisted other smartphones with exceptional cameras so that you can choose the best one for yourself. That said, let’s get started.


A quick comparison between the best smartphones with camera

ProductiPhone 11 ProSamsung S20 UltraOneplus 8 ProGoogle Pixel 4aHuawei P30
VerdictThe perfect pickCompact and LightweightOffers a lot of FlexibilityPremium and PerfectThe Budget King
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*All the ratings were taken from to choose the best smartphones with camera


So, these are the best smartphones with camera…


iPhone 11 Pro

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  • A13 Bionic Chip
  • 5.8-inch Super Retina Display
  • Triple-camera Array
  • Face ID
  • 18W Fast Charge


iPhone 11 Pro is Apple’s latest-and-greatest offering in the smartphone market. And when it comes to the camera performance, iPhones are probably your safest bet. The 11 Pro has a triple-camera array on the back, which seems all-right on paper, but its real-world performance is the best.


The colours are well-balanced, exposure is always on point and you get the signature-iPhone tones. But what sets iPhone 11 Pro apart is its image processing. It restrained processing produces some true-to-life images, which never seems burdened by HDR and sharpening. The ultra-wide camera is a superb addition as it will definitely please the photophiles.


The iPhone is one of the first smartphones to introduce Portrait Mode. And to this date, no other mobile comes close in terms of the “Perfect” Portrait shot. And other than the camera, iPhone 11 Pro nails all other aspects such as the battery, display and performance. So to sum it up, iPhone 11 Pro is indeed the best smartphones with camera you can get for yourself.



  • Excellent image processing
  • True-to life images
  • Best in terms of video recording
  • The tones and HDR is well-balanced
  • Top-notch low-light performance
  • The front notch is huge
  • On the expensive side


Samsung S20 Ultra



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  • Quad-rear camera 
  • 6.9-inch AMOLED display
  • Up to 1TB of storage
  • 5000mAH battery
  • 120Hz refresh rate


Samsung S20 Ultra is a spec-mammoth which offers one of the best smartphones with camera performances. The enormous camera module on the back houses quad-cameras of which includes a 108-mega pixel primary camera, 12MP ultra-wide lens with 48MP telephoto and a ToF depth sensor. On paper, these are the best-ever camera specification in any smartphone.


Samsung S20 Ultra produces exceptional raw-images which can be then edited according to your preferences. Samsung does give you a lot of numbers to play, with the telephoto and ultra-wide lenses packing several amazing features. You may notice an additional splash of HDR, but other than that the images produced are balanced. You also get the dreamy 8K recording here, however, it’s more of a gimmick than an actual feature.


The only area where Samsung S20 Ultra lacks is the average image processing. You may need to tune-in the settings of the camera app to get the best out of it. Moving towards the hardware section, the S20 Ultra is on the top of hardware-league, and you will get the best of everything.



  • Best in terms of Hardware
  • Quad-camera setup offers a lot of flexibility
  • Produces excellent raw-images
  • 8K video snap
  • Massive 5000mAH battery life
  • The images have slightly high HDR
  • Price is high


Oneplus 8 Pro



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  • 30t Wrap Charging
  • Quad-Camera 
  • Snapdragon 865
  • 4510mAH Battery Life
  • 120Hz Fluid Display


Regarded as the “flagship-killer”, Oneplus 8 Pro offers some of the best specification and performance in a relatively convenient price tag. It has quad-camera setup on the back which stores 48MP primary camera followed by an ultra-wide, colour filter and hybrid zoom camera. And these cameras pack some real performance.


During our test, the daylight photography was awesome. The colours were coming out crisp and clear, no extra noise was detected around the subject and the tone was accurately balanced as well. The hybrid zoom camera bumps-up its range whereas the colour filter assists in a better colour assortment. The only let down was the night-photography.


The old demon of Oneplus phones same into existence again as the Oneplus 8 Pro still has the same low-light issues as its predecessors. Don’t get us wrong, it still takes some decent pictures in night, but there is significant noise in the background and colours are also not accurate. Overall, Oneplus 8 Pro is still a wonderful budget-option for the best smartphones with camera.



  • Colours and tones were crisp
  • Decent image processing
  • Blazing-fast shutter speed
  • Hybrid-zoom increases your range significantly
  • Fastest charging speed in any smartphone
  • Average low-light imaging
  • The design is slightly slippery. 


Google Pixel 4a

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  • Night Sight
  • HDR+ Processing
  • 12MP Dual Lens
  • Adaptive Battery
  • 6GB RAM 


The “Pixel” lineup from Google also stood out as the Camera kings of their segment. The Google Pixel 4a follows the same footsteps and delivers some of the best camera performances in any smartphone. Starting from the hardware, the Pixel 4a packs a very minimal duo of 12MP cameras. 


But with Google. Its never been about the fancy hardware, but their best in the class image processing. It captures punchy images with plenty of fine detail in the background and of the focused object. Pixel 4a creates a more realistic image compared to other smartphones in the market. When the light is down, this smartphone tends to struggle a bit, but that is due to the lack of noise reduction processing. It can be solved by an OTT update by Google in the future.


The front camera has got some upbeat as well. The images are tightly processed, and you don’t notice any noise. But the main downside of Pixel 4a is its mediocre hardware. Even with the hefty price tag, the specification is pretty bland. If you are willing to trade one of the best smartphones with camera (Rear) to mediocre specifications, then Pixel 4a is perfect for you.



  • Exceptional rear camera performance
  • Top-notch image processing
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Astral Photography is unique
  • Plenty of camera options to play around
  • Average low-light imaging
  • Hardware is mediocre at best.


Huawei P30



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  • 40+20+8 Leica Quad-Cameras
  • IP68 Rated
  • Super-fast Charging
  • 256GB Internal Storage
  • Kirin 980


Huawei P30 is an allrounder which packs some crazy specifications and camera under a very nominal price tag. Packing four cameras and sensor at the back, the P30 has got all the equipment needed for the ultimate mobile photography. And luckily, it delivers.


The Lecia Quad Camera hosts the amazing lenses of the P30. It delivers a stack of soft-focus depth to the images which are balanced evenly. The colour tones are signature Huawei, blended HDR with exceptional clarity. The Telephoto has periscope features that make the distance disappear effortlessly due to its 50x zoom. The day and night performances have little to distinguish about as both of them are perfect.


On the camera front, there is nothing to complain about the Huawei P30. But the main roadblock comes in the form of UI. This smartphone operates on EMUI, which is pretty new and unrefined. You won’t find any of the google apps on it either. If you can live with this UI, then P30 is the best smartphones with camera that you can get in this price segment.



  • Superb all-round performance
  • Images produced are crystal clear
  • Has 50x zoom 
  • Image processing speed is fast
  • The flashlight is pretty bright
  • Doesn’t have any google apps
  • Quite hefty


The Perfect Buying Guide for the Best Smartphones with Camera:

The smartphone with the “Perfect” camera is entirely subjective. Some people like to work with the high-end hardware, whereas some want to be dependent on the image processing provided by the manufacturers. However, there are some staple, factors that you need to look out for the Best Smartphones with Camera.


Number of Cameras

Smartphone manufacturer these days are obsessed with adding more and more cameras in their mobile. And there is a solid reason behind it. Different cameras allow more flexibility and more features in the camera module for us. The telephoto increases the range and pixels of a camera; the ultra-wide camera magnifies the width of the frame, whereas the depth sensor decreases the excess noise. Depending on your requirements, pick a smartphone that houses at least one of them.


Image Processing

No matter how good your smartphone’s camera is, if the image processing is not up to the mark, then the image won’t turn out to be fantastic. It depends on the SoC and the user interface of the smartphone. For example, Apple and Google offer some fo the best image processing in any smartphone.


Camera Aperture

Before selecting the best Smartphones with camera, make sure to concentrate less on the megapixel count and more on features such as dual lenses, apertures and OIS (optical image stabilisation). If possible, quickly try out the smartphone camera at a nearby mobile store so that you can get some idea about the camera performance before your purchase. 



While deciding the best smartphones with camera, we tested various smartphones and put them through rigorous tests. These five smartphones topped out tests and made their way to the list. All of the above-mentioned smartphones will deliver exceptional camera performances, and it’s up to you to decide which one to pick for yourself.


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