Kids are known to have the urge to try anything and everything with equal zeal. And the onus lies on the parent or guardian to channel their energy in the right direction. So a smartwatch that inspires creativity and responsibility in their minds could be a high starting point.

These wearables are exceptionally feature-rich and practical for your little ones. They can help you track your kid’s physical activity and also inject some perception during fun & games. 

In our testing, we tried our hands with dozens of smartwatches and VTech Kidizoom smartwatch emerged as a clear winner. It is a perfect all-rounder in terms of providing features and being sturdy at the same time. And it is our pick for the best smartwatch for kids. However, many other options are worth considering as well, and we have mentioned them below.

So here we are with the bunch of top smartwatches for kids with all the amazing features one could look out for. However, VTech Kidizoom smartwatch will be the best option for you since it has some thrilling specs. Now, let’s have a look at all of them.

Short Comparison between the Best Smartwatches for Kids


VTech Kidizoom

Wayona 2020


Global Trak

SeTracker 4G


Feature-packed and efficient

Best for fitness-related activities

Compact and functional

Comes with SOS feature

Capable of 4G connectivity







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Lets kick-off our list: Best Smartwatches for Kids Compared and Reviewed

1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

VTech Kidizoom Smartech is hands-down, the best smartwatch available for kids right now. It comes loaded with a plethora of features that are both fun and informative tech features. To start with, this smartwatch has a plastic-metallic form-factor that makes it feel light and upbeat.

The straps are made up of plastic, yet they are soft on the skin and can bear a decent amount of beating. Besides, it includes a classic strap-locking system that packs a long-lasting battery within. 

This watch has around five games and a motion sensor-packed under a touch-sensitive screen. The screen itself is big enough to interact with, and we are pretty sure your kids won’t face any kind of false or accidental touches.

The smartwatch also has an in-built camera capable of clicking some decent pictures. And it also boasts an alarm, calendar, and calculator. It is safe to say that VTech Kidizoom packs a lot of punch when it comes to features. But where it truly shines is educationally implementing these features.

Key Features

  • Extremely featureful
  • Games are embedded with maths quiz
  • Equipped with a camera
  • Touch screen is excellent
  • Speakers are loud and clear 
  • Has 50+ clock faces designs in-built
  • Chargeable through a USB cable
  • Apt for kids aged between 4 to 9


2. Wayona 2020 Kids Smartwatch


Wayona 2020 is a smartwatch for kids focused more towards physical tracking and sports activities. And if you are looking for a fitness tracker/smartwatch combination, this one is perfect for you. 

This smartwatch is IP67 rated, and it is secure from any kind of accidental drop in pools and tubs. This waterproofing ability can come in handy as kids tend to drop their watches a lot during their playtime. The small form factor of Wyona doesn’t affect its battery life as it offers up to eight hours of screen on time on a single charge.

GPS and Wifi based positioning is used for real-time location tracking, and it is a security feature as it helps you keep a check on kids’ location. Coming to the overall quality of the smartwatch, it is made of durable silicone and plastic blend.

Other than activity tracking abilities, Wayona 2020 falls flat in providing basic features such as alarm clock and task reminders. Also, the interface is jam-packed with small icons, and it can be a hassle to get through the UI initially. Other than that, This smartwatch from wayona remains a compelling offering for kids aged between 4 to 12.

Key Features

  • Comes with real-time location tracking
  • 1.4-inch touchscreen is highly responsive
  • Has voice chat support
  • Includes a pedometer feature as well
  • 2G sim capable of making and receiving calls
  • Comfortable fit 

3. SeTracker Smartwatch with GPS

SeTracker Smartwatch with GPS

Compact and extremely functional, this tactile smartwatch from SeTracker should be your go-to pick if you want a more easy-to-use wearable on your wrist. 

This smartwatch is capable of making calls through the tiny speaker present on the side. But it is merely practical as the quality and the loudness of the speaker unit is strictly mediocre. The GPS tracking on SeTracker works effortlessly nonetheless.

Through our testing phase, the sensor worked fine with some accurate results to back it up. Moving towards the form-factor, the smartwatch’s footprint is minimal, and the same goes for the touch screen. And that is why kids can find it hard to navigate through the tiny touch-sensitive screen.

Bottom line, this offering from SeTracker has its drawbacks, but it performs well in some aspects such as footstep tracking and its easy-to-carry chassis.

Key Features

  • Compact form-factor
  • The LED touchscreen can get bright 
  • The buttons on the side are tactile
  • Minimal foot-print on the wrist
  • Kids will love its lightweight nature.

4. Global Trak Smart Watch


Global Trak Smart Watch focuses more on eliminating the usage of smartphones as it holds all the identical features that your kid would look for in the cellular device. 

This smartwatch is made out of plastic, and you can feel the medial quality of the body and wobbly buttons on the side. But the straps are well-made and provide excellent comfort and support on the wrist.

Global Trak also has an inbuilt GPS live tracking system that works fine on most occasions, but you can face regular crashes and fast battery drain in the tracking mode. Coming towards battery life, it can last up to 6 hours on a single charge, which is acceptable.

A unique thing about this smartwatch from Global Trak is its SOS feature, which lets you send a distress message or call to your loved one in a state of emergency.  

Key Features

  • Has an inbuilt SOS feature which is really helpful 
  • Strap quality is excellent
  • The metallic blue color is pleasing
  • Has a headphone jack on the side
  • Loud and Clear speaker grills

5. SeTracker 4G Kids Smartwatch


“Jack of all master of none” is a statement that perfectly sums up the SeTracker 4G Kids Smartwatch. A smartwatch that is 4g capable might sound nuts ten years ago, but here we are. 

One can argue that the 4g feature is a gimmick, due to its extremely laggy OS and hardware. The Setracker also has a front camera that can click average quality images but an outrageous thing about it is that you can make and receive video calls from it. It also boasts a flashlight on the left side alongside the button placement.

The home button on the front is pressure-sensitive, and it also gives a haptic-feedback on touch, which is quite lovely. But the plastic strap is made up of cheap plastic that will feel hard on your skin.

This smartwatch also has some weight, so kids might find it difficult to wear for an extended period. But in contrast, this weight is due to sturdy materials it is made up of. 

Overall, SeTracker 4G does have some groundbreaking features like 4G support, flashlight, and video calling function, but it lags behind in far too many aspects to be considered a viable option.

Key Features

  • Has 4G support
  • Includes a flashlight on the left side
  • The design is sturdy
  • It has many safety tracking features
  • Home button gives haptic feedback
  • The front camera allows video calling.

Buying Considerations

According to research conducted by the market reports there are some essential aspects to consider when buying a smartwatch for your little one. Whether it is the form-factor, build quality, or fit, every smartwatch has something unique and distinctive to offer us, and we have to analyze which features will best suit our kids’ requirements.

We have mentioned the top five buying considerations for smartwatches below so that you don’t make the wrong choice.

Comfortable Fit

Probably the most underlying feature of a smartwatch is how comfortable it feels on your child’s’ fist. This depends on two factors majorly. The weight and the quality of the straps.

If the smartwatch weighs too much, kids won’t enjoy wearing for an extended period, and the same goes for the quality of straps. Cheap-plastic straps can cause irritation and red marks on the skin. So be sure to check the fit of the smartwatch.


When it comes to features of a smartwatch, you have to dig deep because it is something completely distinctive. Some kids like the camera functionality on the smartwatch, whereas some prefer new games and apps.

Some smartwatches even offer emergency SOS features and learning through games. So choose what suits your kid.

Interactive OS/UI

Now this one is a catch. Most smartwatch manufacturers are busy bundling their wearables with latest-and-greatest technology and features without giving much attention to the OS and user interface.

How easily you get through a specific section of a smartwatch is rather important when you consider buying it for kids, because they won’t be as patient as adults. So your job as parents would be to check the simplicity of the interface of a smartwatch.

Sturdy Build

Kids won’t be as gentle and caring about their smartwatch as grown-ups would, so selecting a watch that has a solid built should be your number one priority. Nowadays, most smartwatches for kids are made of plastic blend materials, which are also quite sturdy.


Again, this is entirely exclusive to one’s usage. Go for a cheaper alternative if you think it is fulfilling the needs of your younger one. Also, keep in mind that kids tend to break their smartwatches more often, so investing in a super expensive option might not be the best idea.


So based on our testing, these smartwatches came out on top based on their performance, durability and overall package. Each of the above-mentioned smartwatches has something unique and peculiar to offer. And depending on your kid’s preference and taste, buy one of these accordingly.


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