Other than smartphones, TV’s are one of the most sought-after mediums for media consumption. These gigantic screens are the flag-bearer of the entertainment revolution back in the ’80s, and since, they have seen comprehensive technological enhancements.


From big and boxy that were super hard to carry to paper-thin lightweight devices that can be placed anywhere in the house, TV’s have come a long way. But when we talk about which TV is the best, what are the major questions that arise in our minds?


Is it the size of the screen or the video quality it delivers? Or maybe you are an audiophile who craves for that pitch-perfect sound profile? All things considered, we did the research and shortlisted the top five television that is best in their respective categories.


If are wondering which tv is the best for you, then LG CX OLED TV should be your go-to pick. This TV is equipped with the best-of-everything with very little drawbacks to follow. However, other options mentioned below are also worth considering. So without further ado, let’s get started.

A Quick Comparision Between Which TV is the Best?

ProductLG CX OLEDSony 75-InchTCL 43 4K LEDOneplus Q1 SeriesSamsung Q80T
VerdictThe Perfect TV75-inch of pure funBest in Budget Feature-PackedOne for the audiophiles
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*All the ratings were taken from Amazon.in in order to find out which tv is the best for you?


So, which TV is the best?



LG 139 cms (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV OLED55C9PTA | With Built-in Alexa (PCM Black) (2019 Model)


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LG CX OLED TV is hands down the best smart television that you can get for yourself. Equipped with a beautiful OLED screen that has a resolution of 3840×2160 and a refresh rate of 60Ghz, this TV is capable of providing a crisp and clear image of the media you consume on it. 


Other than that, it is equipped with all the necessary features you ask for in a top-end smart TV. It has built-in google assistant and Alexa support, with a blazing fast a9 gen processor and AI acoustic tuning. The sound profile is well balanced with adequate bass and treble boosting from the base section. Talking about the base, most of the magic happens in this part of the TV. 


It hosts 4 HDMI ports and a speaker grill that is accurately placed. This base section also provides support to its crazy thin 4.09cm screen. In-person, the tv viewing distance of this screen is fabulous with clear colour production from each angle. LG CX OLED is an excellent TV on paper but when you come to its real-life performance, it exceeds all your expectations, if you are still wondering which tv is the best, then LG CX OLED is our answer.



  • Excellent OLED display
  • Balance sound profile
  • Blazing fast a9 gen processor
  • Screen is crazy thin at 4.09cm
  • Smooth WebOS



  • Thin screen is quite vulnerable


2. Sony Bravia 75 inch 4K LED TV (75X8000H)

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If you are a fan of big and bright displays, then you are gonna adore the Sony Bravia 75X8000H. Backed by a massive 75-inch 4K triluminos display, this thing looks gorgeous when mounted on a plain-background.


The display emits dark and intense colour tones, which is wonderful if you are looking to get that cinematic-like feel in your own home. Plus, the speakers of this TV are an absolute steal. They are the loudest ones we have tested to date, and it also produces a crazy amount of bass. The only thing lacking here is that satisfying middle-treble, which seems to be overpowered by the thumping bass.


Moving towards its features, all the necessary ports are provided by Samsung. You also get Chromecast, Netflix, Prime Video, and other OTT platforms from all around the world to stream media. The Tizen OS works fine with minimal hiccups and lags. All-in-all, the Sony Bravia 75X8000H is one of the best TV’s out there and a great offering from Samsung, and if it falls under your budget, you should definitely consider it.


  • Massiv 75-inch 4K display
  • The Triluminos panel emits cinematic colour tones
  • The speakers are loud and have thumping bass
  • Supports many OTT platforms
  • Minimal Bezels



  • Slightly Expensive
  • The bass usually overpowers the treble and the mids.


3. TCL 43-Inches 4K Ultra HD LED TV



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Short on the budget but don’t want to compromise on your wish-list of features? TCL’s latest offering in the budget section is the perfect pick for you. Despite its meagre price tag, this Smart TV offers all the attributes of a flagship 4K TV.


TCL recently made a comeback in the Indian television market, and they announced it with a bang. Talking about this smart tv, it is packed by a 4K Ultra HD screen with a 3840×2160 PPI rate, which is best in its class. It also has micro-dimming features, which adjusts the brightness of the panel according to the lighting of your room. The 20-watts sound output is decent, though you can feel it lacks an impact. 


The built-quality is great as well. Its chrome silver frame sets it apart from all the other competitions in the market. Also, the Android 9.0 support is also exclusive to this smart TV only. Overall, TCL 43-inch 4K TV is an absolute steal for the price it is available at.


  • The 43-inch 4K panel has a lot of depth
  • 20-watts sound output is loud
  • Comes with an 18-month manufacturer warranty 
  • Has micro-dimming feature
  • The silver accent of bezels looks stunning



  • The audio profile lacks an impact
  • Cumbersome mounting process due to flimsy tv wall bracket.


4. OnePlus 55-Inch Q1 Series


OnePlus 138.8 cm (55 inches) Q1 Series 4K Certified Android QLED TV 55Q1IN-1 (Black) (Without Stand)


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Oneplus are notoriously known for providing unmatched quality at the given price point, and they recently stepped into the Smart TV segment by their latest offering OnePlus 55-Inch Q1 series. Focused mainly on the entry-level premium segment, this Smart TV is one to watch out for. 


The stunning 4K 55-inch screen is worth dying for. The colour production is absolutely bang-on with high brightness and a lot of depth in the image. This is mainly due to the 480Ghz motion sensors it packs under that mammoth screen. It has also got a Dolby vision certificate, which is quite rare to see nowadays, especially in this price segment.


Another unique aspect of this TV is that it can be used as a stand-alone desktop, as it boasts several HDMI and ports. The bezel-less design and the gorgeous chrome-plated tv holder adds a lot of signature and elegance to its stature. Plus, the Android 9.0 interface is smooth and non-laggy, even with heavy multitasking. All of these things prove that OnePlus 55-Inch Q1 Series is indeed the best smart tv in its given segment.



  • The looks of this smart TV are stunning
  • OnePlus remote is minimal yet highly functional
  • Screen quality is top-notch
  • Dolby Vision Certificate
  • Motion rate locked at 480Ghz



  • Oneplus customer service is weak in some semi-urban regions


5. Samsung Q80T 4K Ultra HD TV



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This one is for all the audiophiles out there. When it comes to providing the best audio quality for a Smart Television, Samsung’s Q80T tops our list. The sound profile is extremely well balanced with thumping bass and crystal clear mids and lows. The treble comes from all sides which gives you a theatre-like feeling.


The 55-inch panel is no joke as well. It emits some decent colour combinations with good balancing and hue control. However, the viewing angles are not that great. Don’t take us wrong, you can get a clear picture from an 80o angle but with good lighting. Other than that, this Smart TV is packed with exciting features like Dolby and Adaptive sound plus, and home cloud support. Its connectivity is decent as well, and you can even connect to your smartwatch or tablet with ease.


The bezels are almost non-existent, which lets you enjoy the 4K Ultra HD panel without any distractions. Also, the wide colour enhancer protects your eyes during the night time. To sum it up, the Samsung Q80T is a Smart TV made specifically for audiophiles and music junkies who love listening to EDM and Trap music on full volumes. And if you are one of those, this TV is a match made in heaven.



  • Best audio output in any television
  • Decent 4K panel
  • Wide colour enhancer
  • The bezel-less design looks good
  • HDMI ports are placed perfectly



  • The stand of the TV is a little short
  • Viewing angles from the side are not that great


Factors to look out for while considering which tv is the best

The following are the important factors that you should consider before selecting which tv is the best for you.


Screen Size

Whether you’re looking for a basic or high-performance TV, the most prominent aspect of your TV will be its screen size. To start with, consider how many people in your family watch the television at once. If you tend to have a big, typical Indian family then you may prefer a bigger screen size. Anything above 42-inch would work for you. Same goes for movie enthusiasts and Binge-watchers who love big and bright displays to fulfil their media cravings. 



Resolution describes the number of pixels per inch, which forms up the picture on the display. By experts, it is described in terms of horizontal rows and vertical columns. In theory, more pixels translate into a sharper picture and finer details with some minor exceptions, so higher resolution is (almost always) better and it is a major determinant in selecting which TV is the best.


Refresh rate

The refresh rate, denoted in Hertz (Hz) represents how many times per second a picture is refreshed on the screen. The standard refresh rate for most smart televisions 60 times per second or 60 Hz. However, in some scenes with rapid moving objects, a 60 Hz refresh rate can make things a bit jittery and laggy, particularly in older LCD HDTVs. So, to create a more solid picture, manufacturers are increasing the refresh rate to 120 Hz (and in some cases up to 240 Hz).


HDMI and Connections

It may seem like an afterthought, but you have to pay attention to the number of HDMI inputs the television has to offer. Manufacturers looking to cut costs may offer fewer HDMI ports on the back. These ports can get used up quickly: You have the option to add a soundbar, a Roku or Chromecast and or even a game console.



Being experts, we recommend you to go for these TVs. Each of the above mentioned Smart TV offers the best feature set in its given price segment, whether it is providing excellent sound quality or being absolutely bang for the buck. We hope that we answered your million-dollar question of “which tv is the best” through this article. 


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